The Best Horse Management Software

Join the digital world with the best software to manage your horses, plan with a digital barn board, and collaborate with your team, all from a phone or computer.

Digitize your equestrian business with Questri

Plan your day, assign tasks, track records & reminders, and share communications so everyone is in the know.

Simply plan your tasks & calendar

Questri offers the best planning board so all your tasks, reminders, and scheduled calendar events are visable and assigned to your team

Data & management for your horses

Quickly write down horse notes, update profile information, or scheduled reminders like vaccinations all from your mobile device.

Collaboration with your teams & riders

Everyone on the team gets notified of and can view their personal calendar of they tasks, lessons, and reminders. Chat about everything right from our mobile application.

Save time and retain costs with task planning, digital barn boards, and billables

It's so easy. You can be planning your day in minutes, automatically tracking tasks and billables, and doing all of this from a computer or your mobile device.

Questri quick demonstrations

The powerful and flexible planning and operations software for any equestrian business

Whether you're looking to use software for the first time or to replace the old one that isn't gettting the job done, Questri offers the best possible set of features and configuration to work with any equestrian operation.

0+ hours

5 + hours saved each week planning and coordinating schedules and tasks.


$1000 + average monthly cost recuperation through client and horse billable tracking.


100% confidence boost in staff productivity with task assignments and completions.


Simple yet flexible planning to make task and calendar scheduling a breeze.

Horse Management

Everything you need track about and get reminded for your horses.

Digital Barn Board

Synced with your daily plan, a digital barn board that can be configured for your needs.

Track Billables

Stop forgetting to charge your clients. Add billables on the fly, or automatically with tasks.

Group Chat

Stay in sync with your staff and clients, communicate with Questri mobile chat.

Client Experience

Give your clients a best in class experience with access to Questri mobile.

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Have a daily plan setup in minutes, for free.

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