Questri For Riders

Ask your stable about Questri. See how Questri can level up your experience, training, and competitive endeavours.


Stables using Questri can unlock an experience for riders like nothing else.

Ask your barn manager or trainer about access for you and your horse to unlock this incredible experience.

Mobile App

Access all your data and interact with your trainer and fellow riders all from the Questri mobile application.

Horse Information

View all the information about your horse including profile information, notes, feed, and scheduled activities.


Use Questri chat to talk with your trainer about your lessons and goals. Or participate in group chats with your fellow riders.

Activity Feed

View your fellow riders posts and updates about their horses, lessons, and competitions. Post your own updates and share with your friends.

Competitions & Shows

View and receive the latest updates on your shows. View your scheduled events and results all in one place.


Get the latest information from your stable and trainer when they announce new information, shows, or sign up details.

Get the Mobile App Today

What are your waiting for? Download Questri today on your mobile device.

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