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Schedule one off and recurring tasks and calendar events for your horses and staff.

Tasks or calendar events

Plan for horse and barn tasks (chores) or plan your calendar events (appointments, lessons, shows)

One off or recurring plans

Schedule for tasks today, tomorrow, or on recurring basis so you can save time each day

Color coded and tagged

Assign colors and tags to your planned tasks and calendar events to easily find and indentify work


Assign your staff, get notified, and always know the status of daily work.

Control your task types

Customize what tasks your organization uses, gain flexibility to meet the needs of your business.

Assign work and track progress

Each task can be assigned to a staff member or client and tracked until marked complete.

Get notified

Receive an email or mobile push notification when you are assigned a task, or when there are updates.


Schedule lessons, appointments, and shows while inviting your staff and clients with direct calendar integration.

Control your calendar events

Customize what calendar events your organization uses, gain flexibility to meet the needs of your business.

Integrated with your calendar

Participants receive email calendar invitations directly on their personal calendar, or they can view their calendar in Questri mobile.

Calendar event tasks

Automatically create and associate tasks with any calendar event including preping horses, or completing a shoeing.

Digital Barn Board

View your daily plan, tasks, and calendar events with real time updates in the format you want to view it.

Configurable board

Customize the cards, layout, and data you want to view on your barn board.

Real time updates

Automatically updates when your plan changes or when tasks get completed.

Any device or screen size

Fits to any screen size, resolution, or device type including TVs, computer monitors, and more.

Horse Records

Keep track and view all the data you need about your horses.

Horse notes

Attach notes of many types, importance, and substance, including attaching images and files.

Feed and location

Add a daily feed plan for each horse, and keep a history of the locations you horses have been.

Task and calendar reminders

Keep track of recurring tasks like shoeing and vaccinations, as well as calendar events like lessons.


Retain your costs from clients by tracking billables automatically or from your phone.

Horse billable tracking

Attach billables to a horse including a price, reason, and payment status.

Automate billables through tasks

Setup any task to create a billable automatically each time it is planned and completed.

Invoice and reporting

View billable reporting information so you know how much cost you are recuperating and what billables are still pending payment.

Chat & Collaboration

Use Questri mobile to chat directly with your staff and clients, create groups for shows and events.

Mobile access

The Questri mobile app gives you a world class chat experience integrated with the rest of our Questri features.

Group chats

Easily create group chats so the right people can be in the right conversations.

Help and support

Use the questri support chat channel to get your questiosn answered quickly and right from our app.

Client Experience & Access

Give your clients a world class experience with Questri mobile.

Mobile access

For enabled horses and clients assigned to the horse, access is given only on our mobile application.

Control horse and task information

You control what level of access and control each client has in the app.

Chat and shows

Unlock chat and access to show information for your clients.

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